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Leveling Feet

Hinged adjustable foot ball head Plates for swivel feet Swivel plates for threaded rod with ball head for compensating uneven floors. According to the size with fastening holes (SW02) or without fastening holes (SW01)
Anti-skid pad, anti-slip plates, rubber sheet, rubber sheets, rubber feet, rubber foot, rubber inserts, Foot, Plate, Hinged, pivot foot, adjustable foot, Base, feet, leveling feet, joint feet, adjustable feet, base plate, base plates, footplates, Adjustable foot plate, Adjustable foot plates, joint footplate hinge base plates, plastic base, plastic feet, bottom feet, floor Stand, Floor feet Base plate with anti-slip plate Base plate with anti-slip plate. According to the size with fastening holes (SW02) or without fastening holes (SW01)
Ball-and-socket joint Ball-and-socket joint, zinc-plated steel Ball-and-socket joint for leveling feet with counter nut
Anti Slip Plate for leveling Feet Anti-Slip-Plate Prevents movement of leveling feet on slippery floors. Absorbs some vibrations. According to the size with or without fastening holes