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TecEnMa GmbH
Technologies for Engineering and Manufacturing
Wacholderweg 3
D-74382 Neckarwestheim


Phone: +49 7133 -205005-0
Fax: +49 7133 -205005-350


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Uniblock, PVC hard, PVC, face elements, holder, accessories, flexible, Nut 10, 6302 K 1006 SW 01 Uniblock black Uniblock for slot 8 and slot 10 profiles, works with M6 screws
Uniblock, PVC hard,yellow, transparent, PVC, window pane, holder, face element, mounting part, addition, extension, accessoir, flexible, Nut 10 6302 K 1006 TR 0 Uniblock transparent Uniblock for nut 8 and nut 10 profiles, works with M6 screws
Uniblock flex Uniblock flex To attach panels easily to aluminum profiles
uniblock-clips accessories tecenma-gmbh Uniblock Clip Uniblock Clip. Fastening without screws, with contact retention clip.